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We are a group of very enthusiastic professionals with more than 30 years experience in different industry sectors and disciplines. Our team has worked in projects related to civil engineering, agriculture, oil and gas upstream and downstream, residential construction, oilfield operations, supply chain, technical support, IT, staff allocation, language training, reservoir simulation, project financial analysis, programming, software development, servers installation and maintenance.

The services and equipment comprise from allocation of resources, personnel, training, technical support, oilfield equipment (manifolds, chokes, valves, chiksans, seals, truck parts, rig parts, sand, chemicals), servers, site management and setup, network installation and setup, hotshots, survaillance system and installation, water analysis, Frac Chemicals and Materials QA/QC.

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MISSION: From our very modest beginnings, we have provided high quality products for a diverse array of customers and our objective has always been to deliver top class services and to our customers not like customers but as our very own partners. Your success is our success.

VISION: To become a reference in the technologic world through the deployment of our products and services while developing new talent and strong partnerships that last in the long term.


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